Most of the people who run online stores are individuals who have products and services to offer yet no e-commerce skills. The technological changes that are being experienced globally are forcing manufacturers to get into e-commerce. For this to be practical, the task begins typically with finding the right platform to host your shop. In the United Kingdom, it has been noticed that more e-commerce entrepreneurs are shifting from BigCommerce to Shopify and this might be the possible reasons;

  • Shopify is easier to use

Convenience is essential when running your online store. Remember that you will not want to work with a platform that will have you glued on your computer the whole time. Remember that managing a business may also require you do the thing like going to inspect a shipment before you can begin planning for deliveries. With Shopify, you will be able to enjoy all this because the software comes with an app to go. BigCommerce, on the other hand, does not have an app that you can use to monitor your company while you are away.

  • Better sales features

A good e-commerce platform is one that allows you all the freedom as far as selling your products is concerned. Shopify comes with an unlimited space and product management features that will make it easier for you to reach out to a broader market fast. Also, you need to know that apart from the in-house sales features, you can go ahead and customize your inventory management system using other great apps available in Shopify. BigCommerce, on the other hand, comes with inbuilt sales features that are quite rigid. Also, it has a smaller app store limiting how much you can customize your system to serve you better.


If you are keen, you will discover that generally, Shopify is a better platform than BigCommerce however, it is also good to know that some of the successful e-commerce sites that you come across are run using BigCommerce. It is safe to say that there’s nothing more any online seller can want apart from an easy time running their business.

With demand for convenience overtaking other basic needs for online entrepreneurs, Shopify has been able to dominate the global e-commerce platforms in the market. Also, the fact that it is designed for people without e-commerce skills has led to the success of so many companies.