Running an online business in the United States these days is impossible without extending your market online. However, so many people who want to invest in e-commerce find it challenging to choose between BigCommerce and Shopify. That is because both platforms are popular and support some of the best online stores. Both platforms are equipped with essential e-commerce features, including free hosting on specialized e-commerce servers. The only difference is that BigCommerce requires advanced e-commerce skills.

  • Check on scalability

A scalable platform is one that is capable of keeping up with the growth of your business. Remember that when your store is new, you may have few people visiting your site and the number of orders might be low. However, with time, you may start getting more traffic, and that will require you to improve your inventory and product management. Without a scalable platform, you may be limited in doing all this, and this is one of the features that has made BigCommerce and Shopify popular in the United States.

  • Check on the sales features

One of the best things about Shopify and big commerce is that both platforms have great sales features. However, there is a slight difference because Shopify allows for more customization, while BigCommerce has its sales feature in-built. Without the right sales features that enable you to conduct discount sales, flash sales, and other kinds of promotions. It’s good to know that most of the cheap e-commerce platforms typically lack excellent sales features that can allow you to manage a complex inventory, not forgetting handling the many orders.

  • Check on security

Site security is a critical factor in e-commerce. That is because hackers are prone to attacking online store. The good thing with BigCommerce and Shopify is that the platforms offer free hosting for their users. The advantage of that is, you get to enjoy a more secure platform because the servers are designed to support e-commerce. You also won’t have to worry about your site lagging because of high traffic when conducting flash sales.


For a better experience in the future, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you are investing in an e-commerce platform that will generate your profits in the future. Choosing the wrong e-commerce platform will require you to migrate in the future, and that may be risky.

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