What Makes It Hard to Choose Between Shopify and BigCommerce

It is evident that most of the successful e-commerce sites in Australia are built using Shopify or BigCommerce. That is because both platforms are known to have some of the most critical features required to run an online enterprise successfully. It is imperative to understand that proper research is essential before picking your platform. Remember that apart from BigCommerce and Shopify, there are other platforms that you can choose from. However, some of the features shared by both platforms include;

Both offer free hosting

There is nothing better than having your platform provide you with hosting. That means you will only require a single dashboard to manage your business.

Additionally, you need to understand that a platform that deals with e-commerce will only have servers that are designed to support e-commerce. Remember that the amount of money lost to hackers in e-commerce accumulates to millions per year. However, by getting hosted on specialized e-commerce platforms, threats like hackers should be the least of your problems. Now that you are entering into the digital market, there are some other topics you need to now before choosing any platform for your business. Learn more on the importance of SEO’s in a Digital World.

Fast services and check out process

On top of getting the right quality products and services, there are other things that your customers expect from you. Remember that when conducting things like flash sales, you are most likely to get high traffic. Some of the consequences of this are that your website can hang. Remember that as for Shopify and BigCommerce, you will be hosted on servers meant to ensure all your e-commerce activities are running as usual. From making orders and still conducting your flash sales, your site will never slow down because of high traffic. This does not only assure you good business but will keep customers coming back.

Free trial period

There is no better way of determining what you are getting into until you get the chance to see and feel it. That is why Shopify and BigCommerce offer two weeks free trial period for the users. During that time, you can use the platform for free, including designing your site and setting up other few things like a custom management system. After the trial period, however, you need to pay for the services before you can be able to use them.

Better security

Some e-commerce enterprise platforms are quite different from Shopify and BigCommerce. That is because they only provide you with a platform to run your business. However, when it comes to hosting, you are required to find a separate company. The problem, however, is that it is easy to land on the wrong hosting company. You need to understand that with e-commerce, you are always under the risk of getting hacked. To avoid all this, you need to make sure that the company which hosts your site is capable of ensuring that your company is safe and functioning at all times.

Shopify, however, is still the better platform

While Shopify and BigCommerce seem to have several things in stock, you need to understand that Shopify still beats Shopify in almost all grounds. When you compare the usability of both platforms, for example, you will find that Shopify is easier to work with compared to BigCommerce. For instance, while Shopify comes with a pre-designed site for you to edit, BigCommerce might require you to have web design skills.


In Australia today, several e-commerce enterprises are migrating to Shopify because they have realized that Shopify offers more convenience. Also, you should know that the fact that Shopify has an app option that you can use to manage your site on the go. BigCommerce will require you to log in through a browser all the time, and this may be inconvenient.